Resource Person Training - Basic Skills

Contents In this program, the elderly persons undergo the complete process of making the projects in different levels. The projects are same, but the contents are in much more details.
For Any person above 18 years, willing to work among children.
Duration Total 40 hours divided into 12 sessions, daily 2 sessions X 6 days.(i.e. Full-day one week workshop). One more form of the same is possible as daily 3 sessions X 4 days, conducted on two consecutive Saturday+Sunday, provided minimum group of 15 can be formed. This form is particularly suitable for employeed people who whish to enroll.
Material All the materials and tools provided in the class.
Others Organizers to provide class-rooms, black/white board, chalks/ink-pens, other infrastructure like toilets, parking etc and notice circulation, registration etc. to be provided.
Number min. 20 max. upto 40.
Charges Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500 (inclusive of snacks and tea)
(depending upon the number of students and duration of working)
Charges are subject to change. Please get confirmed.
Note In case such a workshop is getting organized out of Pune, then all the additional expenses for travel and transport, local hospitality etc. to be borne by the organizers.