Science Project Work - Level 3

Contents In this program, students make 12 different projects based on combination of techniques learned in first two workshop to make projects like Astranomical telescope, Eclipse model, View-finder, Surf boat, Braino-2, Episcope or Diascope, Nipkov-disk, Staircase switch system, Illusion wheel, Infinite tunnel etc.
For Std. 7 students, having completed Level 2 Workshop.
Duration Total 36 hours divided into 12 sessions.
Material All the materials and tools provided in the class.
Others Organizers to provide class-rooms, black/white board, chalks/ink-pens, other infrastructure like toilets, parking etc and notice circulation, registration etc. to be provided.
Number min. 30 max. 60.
Charges Rs. 2500 to Rs. 2800
(depending upon the number of students and duration of working)
Charges are subject to change. Please get confirmed.
Note In case such a workshop is getting organized out of Pune, then all the additional expenses for travel and transport, local hospitality etc. to be borne by the organizers.