Aeromodelling - Workshop 9

Contents There is a greate variety of RTF (Ready To Fly) or ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) models, which come with built in R/C equipment or without. They are available in the range of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 20000. We have identified some models which are suitable for beginners and we import them as and when needed.
For For those who have done some workshops in flying and now can afford to go directly for R/c flying, with full understanding of the risks and costs involved in flying such models.
Duration 2 to 4 hours for installation + 3 to 6 hr.s Test flying and assisted flying session.
Material R/C model of RTF or ARTF type. Students to bring the scissors, cutter, piece of cloth, small screw-driver of flat head and Philips head.
Others Organizers to provide class-rooms with Flat top tables, black/white board, chalks/ink-pens, other infrastructure like toilets, parking etc and notice circulation, registration etc. to be provided.
Number This may be made in groups of two students. min. 5 models, max. 20.
Charges Cost of R/c material as above + Rs. 1000/- per model for balancing and test-flying.
Charges are subject to change. Please get confirmed.
Note In case such a workshop is getting organized out of Pune, then all the additional expenses for travel and transport, local hospitality etc. to be borne by the organizers.