Flying show of R/c Models

Contents This is a spectacular display of flying of Remote controlled model aircraft of different designs and speeds and sizes. They include Fixed wing models, Helicopters, Quadcopters etc. powered by electric motors or engines. The team of expert fliers perform this show where they can display chasing, dogfight, dropping, aerial photography, aerobatic display etc.
Duration 1 hr. to 2 hrs
Provisions Such a show can attract large amount of crowd and hence following provisions and precautions are very much necessary.
(1) Vast open ground : A vast ground, about a size of cricket ground, is needed with clearance on at least two sides. Clearance means no tall trees, buildings etc should be present there.
(2) Crowd control : People always try to come close to the fliers to view aircraft from near distance and cause great inconvenience and increased risks. Very efficient crowd control is necessary.
(3) Provisons as indicated by police department i.e. Water, Ambulance, First Aid, Fire extinguisher etc. must be coped with. Also, a formal written intimation to all the public authorities should be given and their no-objection or consent letter in writing should be obtained, and forwarded to us.
Charges Depend on the nature and extent of show. Flying fees depend on number of models, their varieties and costs. They would be discussed in a meeting only.
Charges are subject to change. Please get confirmed.
Others Travel and Transport, carting, local hospitality etc. to be provided by the organizers.