Aeromodelling Starter - Enjoy the Flight

Contents In this program, the students are exposed to the balancing and flying skills using a set of Indoor paper Gliders and Outdoor, unbreakable plastic catapult glider. They are shown the basic aircraft controls and are encouraged to use them to create different flying patterns and just Enjoy the flying.
For For std. 5 upto 7.
Duration 2 hours.
Material All provided in the class, students to bring only the scissors.
Others Organizers to provide class-rooms, black/white board, chalks/ink-pens, other infrastructure like toilets, parking etc and notice circulation, registration etc. to be provided.
Number min. 40 max. upto 100.
Charges Rs. 100 to Rs. 150
(depending upon the number of students)
Charges are subject to change. Please get confirmed.
Note In case such a workshop is getting organized out of Pune, then all the additional expenses for travel and transport, local hospitality etc. to be borne by the organizers.